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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  October 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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again... tonight an air canada flight is the focus of an f-a right now at 11:00, a potential crisis averted again. tonight an air canada flight is the focus of an faa investigation after the flight crew ignored orders to abort a landing at sfo. good evening thanks for joining us i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. >> same airport, same airline. we learned of a communication break down moments before the air canada flight landed last night.
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a lot of questions. >> tom jen sen is live. what have you learned? >> reporter: the air traffic controllers had to use a spotlight to shine on that aircraft to message not on the land because they said that the pilot and co-pilot failed to respond to their commands several times not to land that aircraft because they feared there could be another airliner on the runway they were about to land. this happened after 9:00 last night. you may remember back in july another air canada aircraft nearly hit four other airliners on a traffic way, that aircraft came within 59 feet of the ground according to a preliminary far preliminary faa investigator
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report. that incident is still under investigation by the way. now nbc aviation expert mike mccarron told me tonight that both of these incidents are extremely rare and potentially dangerous and deadly situations. he says these are a few of the steps the faa will likely conduct as this investigation now gets under way. they will go back and listen to all of the air traffic control tapes and all of those cockpit recordings. the recordings were lost in the last incident. they will also examine the communication of the equipment on that aircraft. they should have two communication systems and backup frequencies that were in use. so highly unusual for them not to hear commands which they did say they couldn't hear the commands when they landed. they will interview the pilots and the air traffic controllers that were involved in the incident. and mr. mccarron said this could
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lead to fines, suspensions or the loss of licenses. back live now. mr. mccarron also told me using that red spotlight like that, which is basically a universal sign to pilots to stop and not land an air kaft. he said it is so unusual he can count the number of times he's heard of this happening on one hand and he's been doing it for 35 years. we're live at sfo. it's not what you'd expect in october, warmer than average temperatures have firefighters on alert. a live look over san jose. one of the spots that could see record setting heats tomorrow. jeff ranieri has been tracking those temperatures and joins us now. >> we're not going to start off with too many issues. we'll get respite in the morning hours. 58 in napa at 6:00 a.m.
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but tomorrow, 86 in in any capacity, 86 in livermore. the reason why it's going to get so warm at the coastline, we have a dry northest erly wind, 10 to 16 miles per hour. that's going to stop any kind of ocean breeze. it's also going to the lower humidity and keep fire danger high. on those fire lines low 90s expected tomorrow afternoon. and humidity a 15 to 25%. so very dry air. we're tracking where records are possible and all temperatures push into the 90s in my forecast at 11:20 tonight. >> he's constantly tweeting updates on the heat. you can follow him on twitter. monday night football was a special meaning. cardinal knewman high school took the field. many of the players and coaches lost their home in the fire and part of their campus.
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so tonight's game on the road. cheryl hurd joins us with this special gathering. >> reporter: cardinal newman didn't win tonight the score was 41-28. but tonight was about coming together in the end zone together in a time of need, not winning or losing. before the game started, players on both sides paying their respects to the firefighters and police who put their lives on the line during the fire storm. >> there are so many heroes in sonoma county, who are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. and we're grateful for our community, county. >> the game isn't necessarily about winning. just playing. heather is cardinal newman's team mom. her son is a wide receiver.
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her home burned to the ground during the fire storm and tonight she got a lot of hugs. >> it's normal to get to watch them come out and play. >> reporter: they're playing for the first time since one third of their school was destroyed. >> this is th game is more of a family game. we're playing for the name of our school. >> reporter: five varsity team players lost their home, along with two of their coaches. through it all, they remain sonoma strong. >> i need to keep the kids calm. i need them to understand it's easy to rebuild from something like that. that we're still a family. >> reporter: and their family is on both sides of the field. tonight was about raising money. >> seeing these other schools care about us is a heart warming thing. >> reporter: now these two teams will play each other once again
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on november 4th. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd nbc bay area news. >> thank you. first day back after two weeks of dealing with fires and so much loss. kids in napa county are back in school with friends and teachers. students say they're happy to try to get back to a normal routine. this morning they were met with welcome sign that is read napa strong. cleaning up will take months if not years. people go back to homes digging through the rubble to find anything they can. phase one of the cleanup will target the removal of household hazards, waste and debris. the army corp. of engineer will cary out phase two. >> they'll be right in behind them on those properties that you've given us permission to eliminate all the the ash and
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debris. >> cleanup is expected to be completed next year. neighbors are told they will likely, this is just an estimate, be able to rebuild next spring. we've posted a list of ways to help on our website. the link is on our main page. tonight a desperate search for this white acura. you see it there. we have new surveillance photos. police believe this car was involved in a hit and run and hope the photos lead to the driver who hit two young kids. anser is live. >> reporter: they've spent much of the evening trying to get surveillance from these businesses. the family told police that the 3-year-old girl was supposed to be released from the hospital.
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the 2-year-old boy suffered a fractured skull and is still in critical condition following surgery. it may be a long time before anyone will be able to hold this 2-year-old genchagain. neighbors are still struggling to come to terms with the two 2-year-old's condition. >> devastated. >> reporter: last sunday evening he was flung from the stroller along with his sister. police identified the vehicle from these surveillance photos which were just released this evening. police describe the vehicle as an early 2000 acura tl. >> these people speed up and down the street. they have no idea about, you know, the consequences. >> reporter: neighbors say this is a dangerous street with only two crosswalks within a one mile stretch of road. they plan to pressure the city so do more to address safety.
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>> i was thinking, something from here on, something will happen. >> reporter: now we did reach out to the city, they were not available for comment. as for police, they say have been had the driver stopped they may be facing a charge of negligence but because they took off, the charges likely to be much more severe. now the 2-year-old remains in critical condition. and will require more treatment to repair his numerous broken bones. thank you. anser. the coast guard has suspend the search for the owner of a boat found adrift near doran beach. greer was last heard from last night. his truck and boat trailer both found in the parking lot. the search for greer will resume tomorrow. >> scary moments. a toddler locked his baby sister in a gun safe.
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the fire department tweeted a 3-year-old boy locked his 18 month old sister in the gun safe here accidentally. they say the nanny was preoccupied when the boy shut the door of the gun safe. there were no guns inside and they got the girl out safely. congress is set to take action tomorrow to give puerto rico much needed help. they gave hurricane relief package for $36 billion. the package would infuse cash and keep the federal flood insurance program from running out of money in order to play claims. the nearest sign of any rain is some 1,200 miles away. i'll talk more about this pattern, why so hot in october and where we could have some record setting 90s at 11:20 tonight. were the shootings random or
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targeted? the search tonight for answers after a deadly shooting rampage just north of the bay area. among the injured a chp officer. trouble at santa fe state, the new eyes ears and noses helping police sniff out crime on campus. with the alaska airlines visa signature card you get a companion ticket every year. so why not i mean i always spell your name right. seriously, take me, i can't listen to this playlist any longer. i'm thinking mexico, and i'm a quick packer. ♪
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first off, we're going to give you all... accussed of a shooting . so what made him do it? tonight a man is in custody accused of a shooting rampage just north of the bay area. two people are dead, four others injured, including a chp officer. this happened in clear lake oaks which is located about 60 miles north of santa rosa. how that deadly shooting spree unfolded. >> reporter: the small community rocked with terror after this 61-year-old went on a shooting
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rampage. >> quiet, nice guy. i can't figure out why he would do that. >> investigators say ashmore killed two men, and shot a woman in a foot, fired at four homes, then shot a chp officer, who was saved by a bullet proof vest. then onto this store. he fires his rifle at the man who was leaving and misses. the round exits the store front window hitting this employee's car. then he steals a soda before firing again and taking off. he ends up at the power market. district manager aarono lin is still shaken by what happened next. >> i turned to look at him and he looked at me and pointed a gun -- >> reporter: he says ashmore asked for a lighter as he held
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the gun at his face. >> grabbed a couple of lighters and he walked out the door. >> reporter: after the shooting, ashmore led them down this road, they set up a roadblock further up the road and they were able to take ashmore into custody without further violence. the community is relieved the suspect is now in custody. >> i'm lucky to be here. it could have been me. i feel sorry for the people that he thought. new at 11:00, artificial intelligence becoming a major crime fighting tool on a south bay campus. they've started testing a new security system. the mooi high-tech cameras can sense out toxins in the air, identify a suspect and pinpoint the location of a gun shot. it's installed on light posts close to where previous crimes were committed.
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it can send information to officers at the same time. >> if there were gun shots in the area, they're going to light up our smart phones, go directly to the officers, go directly to dispatch, and it'll say, you know, location x, y,z. campus police purchased the system over two years ago through the money out of its annual sbujts expected to be in use by next year. >> tomorrow is day two of the kate steinle murder trial. a trial that continues the debate on immigration. for hours jose ines garcia zarate sat kwieetly in court showing little reaction to the descriptions of how kate steinle died. her mother closed her eyes and wiped away tears. jose ines garcia zarate faces second degree murder charges. the defense painted a case of an
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accidental weapon discharge. the prosecution contends he fired deliberately. >> he's like not interested in admitting he was there, but eventually he does and talks and tells them what happened. and what happened is an accident. >> today is about the stienle family. and the resolve they've shown throughout the entire process. we're going to do everything we can to give them justice. a suspected hate crime in one of the most liberal cities in the bay area. it happened at the pacific center for human growth in berkeley. the lgbtq community said someone set their flag on fire. someone walking by was able to get a picture of the suspect. police ended up arresting a transient charging him with
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arson, committing a hate crime and battery. south bay families allowed back in their homes tonight. the bear fire is now 85% con feigned the last evacuations were listed today. nearly 400 acres were burned and four homes destroyed. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> let's bring in meteorologist jeff ranieri. now we have concerns that these temperatures could pose a risk as well. >> we have winds picking up for tomorrow, not the scenario firefighters want especially after all our north bay fires. we're starting off tonight that increased fire threat. i think it's going to stay with us here as we head throughout the next two days. it's not an extremely gusty event for a lot of the bay area but we will see occasional wind gusts 5 to 20 miles per hour. could be a little bit higher than that for some of the elevations above 1,000 feet.
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but that's going to whip up the fire danger and north bay will have the number one fire risk with us. now all of this heat that's moving in, it's all because of a very strong area of high pressure. this is what we would see in august, but here it is october and we're dealing with this summer-like heat. the main gist of what's happening here is the rainfall, the cold air, every single bit of it is heading well up into canada. now, the only good news about some of the hooed heat that's moving in, is the morning hours we should see a respite. so tomorrow morning's forecast starts out in the 60s. for the north bay we start with 57 and comfortable in san francisco at 60. throughout the day it's fast warming, down to the south bay temperatures warming up two to 5
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degrees. 91 in east san jose and 93 in morgan hill. keep your eye on the humidity. the lower than number, the closer it is to zero, the faster a fire can get sparked and spread. so please be careful, no outdoor burning or barbecuing of any kind. the warm temperatures by the bay, 87 in oakland, that dry easterly wind shuts off any bay breeze and ocean breeze. that's also why in my forecast in the beaches i put half moon bay at 81 degrees. 90 here in redwood city. san francisco record setting territory, the mission at 89 degrees. remember to drink water. we're not used to this warm. and napa expecting a warm 94 degrees. in terms of record setting heat, we'll get close. i think we'll have a new record in santa rosa at 93.
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likely tie a record in liver more and san jose. a will the of these records dating back to the 1950s and '60s. by friday down to a cooler 69 degrees. that is going to be welcomed relief for us here across the bay. and the inland valleys down to the 80s by thursday and sunday we are at 79 degrees. we have to get through the next two days then we're good to go. the growing cancer threat faced by firefighters. competition is fierce. what we've learned about the cities vying to host amazon's new headquarters. we're back with new shows this week. clooif owns is my guest this week. do not change the channel. happening now, nearly 50 horses from the fairgrounds are returning home this evening. they were brought there shortly after the fire started and left late this afternoon.
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we tweeted photos of those horses leaving the fairgrounds. we're back in a moment. of a crime - you probably want to forget. the reason our consumer investigator says - you better (remember ... come tax time. plus: heating up. i )ll track any overnight changs to our summer-like forecast. join us tomorrow ... 4:30
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running into burning buildings. the number one cause of death for firefighters isn't running into a burning building, it's cancer. the san francisco fire department is one of several departments across the country with elevated cancer rates. researchers say substances can coat them in a toxic soot. they're considering a registry to track these.
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it is on 230 cities and regions are duking it out to be the site of amazon's new headquarter. california throwing its hat in the ring. amazon promises to bring 50,000 job and spend 5 billion on the headquarters and infrastructure. the winner will be announced next year. >> we're rooting for oakland. we're go gs to show you what the warriors did tonight that has the nba buzzing. in gs to sh what the warriors did tonight that has the nba buzzing. g gs t what the warriors did tonight that has the nba buzzing. to shot the warriors did tonight that has the nba buzzing.
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chase. make more of what's yours. chase. their rookie is causing a lot of buzz tonight. too much showboating. not everyone happy with the warriors. the rookie causing a lot of buzz tonight. >> too much show boating. the warriors in dallas taking on the mavericks. steph cur ree, we had buzz about his mouthpiece. warriors rookie jordan bell blocks the shot, he then gets the ball back, there's the block, gets the ball back and the razle dazzle off the back board. his team meats is floored.
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the mavericks coach not happy after the game fp he didn't appreciate the hot dogs by the rookie. they win big 133-103. as for curry and his mouthpiece the nba slapped him with a $50,000 fine today. he threw it towards a ref on saturday. before he got the news about the fine, he played some golf with former president obama there second to the right. curry on the far right. steph's brother was there, golf star jordan spieth. the group teed off in texas yesterday. >> sharks were in madison square garden in new york city. they looked sharp against the rangers they went 4-1. they continue their east coast road trip on thursday in boston. >> the economists have crunched the numbers we'll tell you the
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so where )s the best place to trick or t? the big night is coming up. halloween a week from tomorrow night. so where's the best place to
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trick or treating. according to zillow. san francisco has five neighborhoods that are the best places to trick or treating in the entire country. >> this is good. >> presid owe heights sea cliff laurel heights golden gate heights. and the next best san jose. rose garden, west san jose, willow glen, came bree yan park. let's stick to san francisco and san jose. >> you cannot say no to a good k kitkat bar. >> thanks for joining us. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- clive owen, colleen ballinger,


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